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Fitt 3 Stanza 8

And ay þe lorde of þe londe is lent on his gamne3,
And also the lord of the land was engaged with game;

To hunt in holte3 & heþe, at hynde3 barayne,
The hunt of barren hinds over hill & heath,

Such a sowme he þer slowe bi þat þe sunne heldet,
The sun shining on such a sum that he there slew

Of dos & of oþer dere, to deme were wonder.
Of doe & of other deer; it were deemed a wonder.

Þenne fersly þay flokked in folk at þe laste,
Then fiercely they finished, amassed all the men,

& quykly of þe quelled dere a querré þay maked;
& made a quick account of their quelled quarry.

Þe best bo3ed þerto, with burne3 in-noghe,
The best born barrons each took in turn

Gedered þe grattest of gres þat þer were,
The fullest of fat of the felled flock

& didden hem derely vndo, as þe dede aske3;
& deftly they did the deed of undoing their deer.

Serched hem at þe asay, summe þat þer were,
Some said, who were on site to see the assays, that

Two fyngeres þay fonde of þe fowlest of alle;
In the trimmest of flanks were still found two fingers.

Syþen þay slyt þe slot, sesed þe erber,
They sliced a slit from the sternum and removed the rumen,

Schaued wyth a scharp knyf, & þe schyre knitten;
Filled it with fat, shaved by a sharp knife, and knotted.

Syþen rytte þay þe foure lymmes, & rent of þe hyde,
Then they slashed the four limbs & heaved off the hide.

Þen brek þay þe bale, þe bale3 out token,
After breaking the belly, they took out the bowels;

Lystily forlancyng, & bere of þe knot;
First carefully cutting a ring around the rectum,

Þay gryped to þe gargulun, & grayþely departed
They gripped on the gullet & with a tug disengaged

Þe wesaunt fro þe wynt-hole, & walt out þe gutte3;
The esophagus from the windpipe & away went the guts.

Þen scher þay out þe schuldere3 with her scharp knyue3,
Then they sliced out the shoulders with their sharp knives,

Haled hem by a lyttel hole, to haue hole sydes;
Holding them from the forearm to fillet the full flank.

Siþen britned þay þe brest, & brayden hit in twynne,
Then they broke the breastbone & made broad the breach.

& eft at þe gargulun bigyne3 on þenne,
& again they go for the throat, grabbing the gargler,

Ryue3 hit vp radly, ry3t to þe by3t,
Ripping it out readily, right to the roots,

Voyde3 out þe a-vanters, & verayly þerafter
Evicting the liver & other vitals;

Alle þe ryme3 by þe rybbe3 radly þay lance;
This required quick cutting of membranes about the ribs

So ryde þay of by resoun bi þe rygge bone3,
Slicing of the same sort to separate from the spine

Euenden to þe haunche, þat henged alle samen,
And so on down to the haunches. The organs hung together

& heuen hit vp al hole, & hwen hit of þere,
& were hoisted up whole & hacked from their host.

& þat þayneme for þe noumbles, bi nome as I trowe,
& they are known as the numbles, a name that nimbly off the

       bi kynde;
         tongue trips.

   Bi þe by3t al of þe þy3es,
     By the bight between the thighs

   Þe lappe3 þay lance bi-hynde,
     They cleave behind the lips.

   To hewe hit in two þay hy3es,
     With burly blade & pries

   Bi þe bak-bon to vnbynde.
     They hew in two the hips.
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