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Fitt 3 Stanza 7

Þenne ho gef hym god-day, & wyth a glent la3ed.
Then she gave him good day & with a glance laughed

& as ho stod, ho stonyed hym wyth ful stor worde3:
& as she stood, she stunned him with her so stern words,

"Now he þat spede3 vche spech, þis disport 3elde yow!
"Now, you with the gift of gab must give up the game!

Bot þat 3e be Gawan, hit got3 in mynde."
If I mistook you for Gawain, it's gone from my mind."

"Quer-fore?" quod þe freke, & freschly he aske3,
"Wherefore?" quoth the fellow & asks her forthwith,

Ferde lest he hade fayled in fourme of his castes;
Afraid he had failed in the form of his phrasings.

Bot þe burde hym blessed, & bi þis skyl sayde,
But the lady, she blessed him & said, "By this skill

"So god as Gawayn gaynly is halden,
You're so good as Gawain's regarded,

& cortaysye is closed so clene in hym-seluen,
But courtship is confirmed in himself so completely

Couth not ly3tly haf lenged so long wyth a lady,
He could not lightly have lounged so long with a lady

Bot he had craued a cosse, bi his courtaysye,
But he'd have craved a kiss by his courtesy,

Bi sum towch of summe tryfle, at sum tale3 ende."
By some touch of some trifle, or at some tale's end."

Þen quod Wowen, "I-wysse, worþe as yow lyke3,
Then quoth Gawain, "It were wholly as you wish;

I schal kysse at your comaundement, as a kny3t falle3,
I shall kiss at your command, as a quite befits a knight,

& fire lest he displese yow, so plede hit no more."
& further lest I displease you, so plead no more."

Ho comes nerre with þat, & cache3 hym in arme3,
With that she comes near & catches him in arms,

Loute3 luflych adoun, & þe leude kysse3;
Leans lovingly down, & kisses the lord.

Þay comly bykennen to Kryst ayþer oþer;
They courteously commend each other to Christ

Ho dos hir forth at þe dore, with-outen dyn more.
& she goes forth from the room without futher fuss.

& he ryches hym to ryse, & rapes hym sone,
& he readies to rise & rapidly rings,

Clepes to his chamberlayn, choses his wede,
Calls for his chamberlain, chooses his clothes,

Bo3e3 forth, quen he wat3 boun, blyþely to masse,
Goes forth, onced he's garbed, gailly to Mass.

& þenne he meued to his mete, þat menskly hym keped,
& then he moved on to his meal & mannerly he kept

& made myry al day til þe mone rysed,
& made merry all day until the moon rose

        with game;
         with games.

    With neuer freke fayrer fonge,
     A man might never hunger

    Bitwene two so dyngne dame,
     Between two so dignified dames,

    Þe alder & þe 3onge,
     The elder & the younger,

    Much solace set þay same.
     Refreshed with their exclaims.
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