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Fitt 3 Stanza 5

" In god fayth, " quod Gawayn, " gayn hit me þynkke3,
"In good faith," quoth Sir Gawain, "that sounds good to me,

Þa3 I be not now he þat 3e of speken;
Though know that I'm not he of whom you speak.

To reche to such reuerence as 3e reherce here
To reach to such reverence as you here rehearse,

I am wy3e vn-worþy, I wot wel my-seluen;
I am one unworthy, as I am well aware.

Bi God, I were glad, & yow god þo3t,
By God, I would be glad for your good thoughts

At sa3e oþer at seruyce þat I sette my3t
At any speech or service that I might set

To þe plesaunce of your prys, hit were a pure ioye. "
Towards the pleasure of your perfection; it were a pure joy."

" In god fayth, sir Gawayn, " quod þe gay lady,
"In good faith, Sir Gawain," quoth the gay lady,

" Þe prys & þe prowes þat plese3 al oþer,
"The prize & the prowess that pleases all others,

If I hit lakked, oþer set at ly3t, hit were littel daynté;
If I find it lacking or in some way light, it were a little dainty.

Bot hit ar ladyes in-no3e, þat leuer wer nowþe
But there are ladies enough that would love in lieu

Haf þe hende in hor holde, as I þe habbe here,
To have thee handy in their hold, as I have thee here,

To daly witt derely your daynté worde3,
To dally dearly with your dainty words,

Keuer hem comfort, & colen her care3,
Recover much comfort, & cool their cares

Þen much of þe garysourn oþer golde þat þay hauen;
Than have much of the gold or gifts they have garnered.

Bot I louue þat ilk lorde þat þe lyfte halde3,
But I laud that lord of lords that heaven holds aloft;

I haf hit holly in my honde þat al desyres,
I have him wholly in my hand whom all desire by

        þur3e grace. "
        God's grace."

    Scho made hym so gret chere,
    She granted him great cheer,

    Þat wat3 so fayr of face,
    That one so fair of face.

    Þe kny3t with speches skere,
    The knight with speech sincere

    Answared to vche a cace.
    Answered to each case.

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