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Fitt 3 Stanza 1

Ful erly bifore þe day þe folk vp-rysen,
Far before the day, the folk early arise.

Gestes þat go wolde, hor grome3 þay calden,
Guests that would go, they called their grooms

& þay busken vp bilyue, blonkke3 to sadel,
& they bustled briskly, bound horses to saddle,

Tyffen he[r] takles, trussen her males,
Tidied their tack, tied down their trunks,

Richen hem þe rychest, to ryde alle arayde,
Readied for the richest to ride all arrayed,

Lepen vp ly3tly, lachen her brydeles,
To leap up lightly & lay hold of the reins,

Vche wy3e on his way, þer hym wel lyked.
Each one on his way, wherever he liked.

Þe leue lorde of þe londe wat3 not þe last,
The beloved lord of the land was not the last

A-rayed for þe rydyng, with renkke3 ful mony;
Arrayed for the riding with a full retinue.

Ete a sop hastyly, when he hade herde masse,
He ate a hasty meal & when he had heard mass,

With bugle to bent felde he buske3 by-lyue;
He gallops gamely with bugle to the grassy glade.

By þat þat any day-ly3t lemed vpon erþe,
By the time any daylight lit up the land

He with his haþeles on hy3e horsses weren.
He was with his fellow hunters upon their high horses.

Þenne þise cacheres þat couþe, cowpled hor hounde3,
Then the capable chasers coupled their hounds,

Vnclosed þe kenel dore, & calde hem þer-oute,
Unclosed the kennel door, & called them out.

Blwe bygly in bugle3 þre bare mote;
Big blows on bugles; three bare blasts.

Braches bayed þerfore, & breme noyse maked,
The hounds bayed back & brazenly bellowed

& þay chastysed, & charred, on chasyng þat went;
& they challenged & charged & on chasing they went.

A hundreth of hunteres, as I haf herde telle,
As I have heard tell, he had a hundred hunters

        of þe best;
        or more.

    To trystors vewters 3od,
    At marks houndsmen amassed

    Couples huntes of kest,
    & let slip the dogs of war.

    Þer ros for blaste3 gode,
    There rose at the bugle's blast

    Gret rurd in þat forest.
    From the forest a fearsome roar.

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