Mister Bee (mister_b33) wrote,
Mister Bee

Fitt 2 Stanza 24

" 3et firre, " quod þe freke, " a forwarde we make;
"Yet first," quoth the fellow, "a forward trade we make.

Quat-so-euer I wynne in þe wod, hit worþe3 to youre3,
What-so-ever I win in the woods, its worth is yours

& quat chek so 3e acheue, chaunge me þer-forne;
& what choice catch you so achieve, exchange with me.

Swete, swap we so, sware with trawþe,
Sweet sir, swap we so? Swear with truth,

Queþer, leude, so lymp lere oþer better. "
However by fate it shall befall for better or for worse."

" Bi God, " quod Gawayn þe gode, " I grant þer-tylle,
"By God," quoth Gawain the Good, "I'll grant that too

& þat yow lyst forto layke, lef hit me þynkes.
& that you like to press your luck, love it methinks."

" Who bringe3 vus þis beuerage, þis bargayn is maked: "
"Who brings us a beverage? This bargain is made!"

So sayde þe lorde of þat lede; þay la3ed vchone,
So said the lord of the lot; they laughed, each one.

Þay dronken, & daylyeden, & dalten vnty3tel,
They drank & dallied & dealt in debauchery,

Þise lorde3 & ladye3, quyle þat hem lyked;
These lords & ladies, as long as they liked.

& syþen with frenkysch fare & fele fayre lote3
& after, with French flair & many fair flirts,

Þay stoden, & stemed, & stylly speken,
They stood & steadied & softly spoke,

Kysten ful comlyly, & ka3ten her leue.
Kissed lovingly & at length took their leave.

With mony leude ful ly3t, & lemande torches,
With many merry men & gleaming torches bright,

Vche burne to his bed wat3 bro3t at þe laste,
Each baron at last was brought to his bed

        ful softe;
        so soft.

    To bed 3et er þay 3ede,
    But before they went to bed

    Recorded couenaunte3 ofte;
    They recalled their covenant oft.

    Þe olde lorde of þat leude,
    That happy household's head

    Cowþe wel halde layk a-lofte.
    Could keep a sport aloft.

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