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Fitt 2 Stanza 23

Þenne wat3 Gawan ful glad, & gomenly he la3ed, —
Then was Gawain glad & gamely did he laugh,

" Now I þonk yow þryuandely þur3 alle oþer þynge,
"Now I thank you thrivingly, through all other things.

Now acheued is my chaunce, I schal at your wylle
Now that my chance is achieved, I shall at your choosing

Dowelle, & elle3 do quat 3e demen. "
Dwell & do whatever else you deem fit."

Þenne sesed hym þe syre, & set hym bysyde,
Then the sire seized him & sat beside him,

Let þe ladie3 be fette, to lyke hem þe better;
"Let the ladies be fetched, to like them the better!"

Þer wat3 seme solace by hem-self stille;
There was a carefree comfort conceived between them.

Þe lorde let for luf lote3 so myry,
The lord let for love laughs so merry

As wy3 þat wolde of his wyte, ne wyst quat he my3t.
As would one out of his wits & knowing not what he does.

Þenne he carped to þe kny3t, criande loude,
Then he called to the knight, crying loud,

" 3e han demed to do þe dede þat I bidde;
"You have declared to do the deeds that I bid.

Wyl 3e halde þis hes here at þys one3? "
Will you hear this behest & uphold it at once?"

" 3e sir, for-soþe, " sayd þe segge trwe,
"Yea sir, forsooth," said the sire true,

" Whyl I byde in yowre bor3e, be bayn to 3owre hest. "
"While I bide in your burg, I'll be obedient to your behests."

" For 3e haf trauayled, " quod þe tulk, " towen fro ferre,
"For you have traveled," returned the lord, "trudged from afar

& syþen waked me wyth, 3e arn not wel waryst,
& since then stayed awake with me, you are not well restored,

Nauþer of sostnaunce ne of slepe, soþly I knowe;
Neither of sustenance nor of sleep. Surely, this I know.

3e schal lenge in your lofte, & ly3e in your ese,
You shall lounge in your loft & lie at your ease

To morn quyle þe messe-quyle, & to mete wende,
Tomorrow through morning mass & go to meal

When 3e wyl, wyth my wyf, þat wyth yow schal sitte,
When you will, with my wife who shall sit with you

& comfort yow with compayny, til I to cort torne,
& comfort you with company till I return to court.

        3e lende;
        Lie low

    & I schal erly ryse,
    & I shall early rise;

    On huntyng wyl I wende. "
    A hunting I will go."

    Gauayn grante3 alle þyse,
    Gawain gently complies;

    Hym heldande, as þe hende.
    He did this duty owe.

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